When you need the ultimate in protection for your truck bed or other vehicle, head to your nearby Bumper to Bumper dealer in Brockton, MA for professional installation of durable Rhino Linings. 

What are the benefits of truck bed linings?

Your truck is a significant investment, so you certainly want to keep it looking great. Even as you depend on it as workhorse that carries large loads and a wide variety of cargo, it’s important to protect it from scratches, dings, and corrosive elements

Granted, there are alternatives such as drop-in liners. Some manufacturers even present the benefits of their ‘custom fit’ products that form well to various makes and models. But these are generally composed of multiple sections, which can separate or allow water and corrosive liquids through to the truck bed. 

That’s where spray-in linings come in. Combining high-tech materials with efficient application methods, your vehicle can retain its attractive appearance while providing the protection you need and improving the potential resale value of your vehicle.   

Our spray-in bedlinings are the sure way to provide long-term protection to your truck bed. They look great, and may even increase the value of your truck.

Why choose Our Bedlinings?

Sure, truck owners have options when it comes to bed liner products, but ours stand head and shoulders above the competition. Ours linings have proven themselves as a global leader in spray-in coatings that add value and






Bumper to Bumper has a legendary reputation as the #1 solution for truck accessories and bed protection. With its easy spray-in application and nationwide limited lifetime warranty, Our coatings are simply the ultimate product of its kind on the market.

With a coating of up to ¼” thick, you're assured of long-lasting service life that provides many advantages:

  • Non-slip texture for safety and load stability

  • Corrosion and chemical resistance

  • Noise and vibration reduction

With UV topcoat, a full color range is available, further enhancing the appearance of your truck or other vehicle.


Spray-in linings are ideal for applications far beyond truck liners. With their durability and protective characteristics, they’re ideal for recreational and commercial use, including: 







Bedlinings are also extremely effective for use in commercial, fleet, emergency, and military vehicles.

Tailored products for your needs

Spray-in Bed Linings are available in multiple options to serve your exact needs:

The most popular product in the Rhino line and the #1 spray-in bedliner worldwide. Up to ¼”of extreme toughness with the non-skid texture that made Rhino the industry leader.

Providing resistance to impact, chemicals, and corrosion, Hybrid coatings offer you the best of both worlds. 

SolarMax combines the durability and protection of a spray-in truck bed liner with UV protection that provides long-lasting color retention, without the need for a UV top coat. Keep your vehicle looking its best with SolarMax coatings. A full color range is available for use on most applications, making this option a great choice for truck or marine use. 

Improve the appearance of your truck with a liner perfectly matched to the color of your vehicle. With Rhino Linings, you have two options that meet this need for a long-lasting great look: 

  • Apply SolarMax coating that can be applied in many colors to match your vehicle. 

  • Include a UV top coat with other Rhino coatings, to provide long-term UV/color protection. 

Our hardest lining yet from Rhino Linings. Applied up to 1/8” thick, it’s the solution for truck beds or other surfaces where protection from scratching and heavy impacts is required. Also great for wheel wells, rocker panels, and floor boards that are subjected to extreme wear and weight conditions

Originally intended for commercial and industrial applications, Extreme handles heavy loads with superior impact resistance and secure bonding to surfaces of all types including metal, fiberglass, and wood. Need the ultimate for industrial-strength protection? Extreme is the choice for you. 

Have an RV or trailer with a roof that needs resurfacing and water protection? Eco-Coat is an easily-applied coating that rejuvenates your roof with an economical and long-lasting solution that includes UV stabilizers and a high reflectivity index. Eco-Coat provides a 100% seamless alternative over plastic sheet roofing and lasts 3 times longer, with better protection from tearing or other damage. 

With any of our Spray-in Linings, you’re assured of a quality and long-lasting result that maximizes the return on the investment in your vehicle.

Trust Bumper to Bumper for Quality Bed Linings 

Why come to Bumper to Bumper? Simply put – we care.  We’ve been providing great products and superior service to folks with automotive needs since 1990. Serving the Brockton and Southeastern Massachusetts areas, we will find the right quality products to satisfy your needs, including: 

  • Truck or car performance 

  • Specialty lighting 

  • Electronics such as audio and video systems, car alarms, and electronic starters 

  •  Wheels and tires 

  • Window tinting and truck bed linings 

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