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Hate climbing into a
cold car in winter?

A remote starter instantly solves the problem by getting your car started from the comfort of your home or workplace, even from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Accessories help tailor your vehicle for the driving experience and convenience you deserve.

Bumper to Bumper has the answers

The capability to start your vehicle remotely is a great addition to your vehicle, especially considering the technology now incorporated into these useful devices:

  • Integration with iPhone and Android phones to remote start

  • Features that incorporate keyless entry with remote starting

  • Some are now accessible through such technology as Amazon’s Alexa or your Apple Watch

  • Effective range even inside buildings and from a variety of distances – even from a mile away

  • Confirmation of commands on remote

  • Display of vehicle temperature on the remote control

Selecting a remote starter that suits your needs can be confusing. Bumper to Bumper in Brockton, MA can help you weed through the features and capabilities to find the one best-suited for your lifestyle and vehicle.

We Carry the Industry Leaders 

There are certainly many remote starters on the market today, some with more advanced features than others, and with varying quality. Bumper to Bumper offers you a wide selection of the highest-quality devices from leading manufacturers that will provide long service life and reliability.

Installation and service after the sale are as important as the device selected, and Bumper to Bumper provides our customers with friendly service and expertise for installation services.


The best way to discover the vehicle protection products that work for you is to stop into our fully-stocked showroom in Brockton, MA. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will be glad to help you locate the items that suit your needs. Bumper to Bumper has the experience, expert installation, and friendly sales team that will make you glad you stopped in to see us. 

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