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Protect your investment!

Now that you have the vehicle that’s right for you, you need to protect your investment with the security of a modern, sophisticated car alarm. Next to your home, your vehicle is probably your most prized possession. The FBI reported in 2014 that a car is stolen every 46 seconds in the US alone.

Bumper to Bumper can help you wade through the options and technical features of today’s robust automotive security systems to find the one that will give you protection and peace of mind.    

Car Alarms

Combining Car Alarm Quality and Features

Today’s automotive security comes with many features. Bumper to Bumper provides you with top-quality brands that incorporate the latest technology from such recognized suppliers as VIPER and COMPUSTAR

Our technicians can not only help you select the right alarm system for your needs and budget, but can also provide professional installation and instructions on the system’s features and use. 

What Features Do you Need?

  • Alert you remotely, even allowing you to take actions such as locking the engine to prevent theft 

  • Integrate with remote door lock functions 

  • Initiate panic mode, including flashing the headlights 

  • Add remote start features for those cold mornings 

Most car alarms will at least sound a warning to passers-by if your vehicle is disturbed or tampered with.  Taking security to the next level, modern alarm systems can also: 


Technology in car alarms and automotive security has come a long way in recent years. Bumper to Bumper technicians can help you find the right high-quality alarm with the features that are right for you. Technicians and experienced sales personnel at the Bumper to Bumper showroom in Brockton, MA truly understand automotive security. Stop in and see how we can provide the security and professional installation you’re looking for. 

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