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Tired of getting speeding tickets?

Of course you are, no one wants them. Let’s face it, in many cases you didn’t even realize you were driving over the speed limit. Time to buy a Radar Detector and Laser Diffuser at Bumper to Bumper Accessories in Brockton, Ma right here on Warren Ave. 

Radar Detectors and Laser Diffuser available in Brockton, Massachusetts

We offer dash mount solutions as well as hardwired stealth installs. Drive with the peace of mind of early detection. 

We Carry the Industry Leaders 

We carry radar detectors and laser diffusers from the three industry leaders. We have the expertise and knowledge to recommend the best solution for your sepecific vehicle.


The best way to discover the radar  detection and laser diffusion products that work for you is to stop into our fully-stocked showroom in Brockton, MA. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will be glad to help you locate the items that suit your needs. Bumper to Bumper has the experience, expert installation, and friendly sales team that will make you glad you stopped in to see us. 

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